Planning your trip...

Planning your pet’s trip does take some time, particularly if you pets are travelling internationally. Many countries have different import protocols which must be followed.

To avoid disappointment and additional boarding costs make sure you allow ample time for all the necessary procedures to be completed. Of course, we are more than happy to advise and support you along the way and make sure that your pet’s journey is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Once the day arrives, let Animal Travel make your pets feel as safe and comfortable as possible for their trip. Here are a few of the answers to a number of questions we are frequently asked about how the families of our VIP’s (Very Important Pets) can help them get ready for their journey.

Before Travelling

  • Have your pets crate trained

    We can provide you with the crate your VIP will travel in and leave it with you for a number of weeks prior to their flight. If the travel container becomes part of your pet’s’ comfort zone, and your pets feel safe and secure inside their travel container, they will enjoy their journey with a minimum of stress and anxiety.

  • Let them stretch their legs

    Many of our pets are energetic creatures. Help them to rest easy on the flight by helping them burn off some of that bounce before they fly. It is important to ensure that your pets have been well exercised prior to travel.

  • Avoid feeding on the day of travel

    No matter how many big, watery eyed looks they give you, feeding on the day of travel is not advisable. However, you can give them small amounts of water or ice cubes to play with.

Whilst Travelling

  • Sedatives are definitely not recommended for air travel

    Crate training and a favourite blanket would be far more beneficial for your pet.

  • Avoid extremely high temperatures

    It is advisable to avoid extremely high temperatures when travelling as pets are susceptible to heat stress. However, if travel is unavoidable we will ensure that everything possible is done to keep your VIP cool and comfortable.